I finally broke down and bought a new computer. After 3 years of battling with my laptop it was time for an upgrade. The afternoon was spent setting up preferences and installing software.  Once that was done it was then time to officially turn over the computing to the new machine. I began the process of copying over thousands of photos and gigs of music.  Since this transfer can take a good deal of time, I set my computers up to work on it and left.  Hours later, as I’m getting ready for bed I hear ABBA’s “Waterloo” begin playing at top volume. Unsure why the music is playing I dash upstairs, only to find it coming from my departing laptop.  I cover my ears, mutter a quick confused curse, turned off the music and let him go to sleep.
I see this as the final farewell, one last act of randomness from a computer that didn’t want to be one. Good-bye friend, I will miss your sudden inability to find the wifi network that you had previously been connected. The fact that you really have no idea what time it is (and therefore neither did I), having to squeeze your little case for the image to come back into focus. And let’s not forget your sudden desire to take me to websites for which I have no interest in going.

In honor of his departure let us all take a moment to enjoy some ABBA. Good-Bye my little lemon.


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