Me… just better.

Some days I’m awesome! On these days I don’t fall out of bed a crawl to the coffee maker, bleary eyed and cursing. No, on these days I leap from the bed, landing on the tips of my toes. I dance down the stairs while singing in tune. I’ll do small spin in front of my coffee maker, all the while pushing the correct buttons to make the coffee magic happen. On these days I have all the right words for receptionist at school, who is checking my son’s yogurt label for nuts. Today she will smile and say more than “There yah go Hun!” We will do finger guns at each other, and it will be funny and not weird,creepy and one sided.
On these days I will go to the ups store as normal, except I will think of a funny retort for the joke from the UPS guy scanning the package. Not only that, I’ll deliver it in the same moment. On other days I’ll be 5 miles away before I slam my hand on steering wheel and cry out in vain “Damnit! I should have said {insert hilarity}!'”
My feelings won’t be weirdly hurt by the goodwill attendant who can’t be bothered to say anything more to me than “need a receipt?” and then walk off before I give a reply. I call back to him while waving goodbye, “nah, I’m good!”.
This day will be a breeze. Cartoon birds and animals from the forest will practically beg to come help me do the house work. I’ll enjoy vacuuming!
When I do go to the grocery, I will have fabulous small talk with the tiny old lady who is spending too much time at the samples stand.(How can I blame her chex mix in Dixie cup tastes good). I will still babble on a little too long about nothing in particular and worse give her way too much information, but instead of awkwardly looking down and walking away quickly, I’ll just smile sweetly and say “nice chatting with you.”

The entire day I will float 3 inches from the ground …

I was the best version of myself.


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