Blog Update March 14


One month ago I started this blog. The purpose was to help keep me accountable and on track to reaching my goals. Here are the goals and my progress for the month of Feb-March. (I don’t plan to publish this every month although I will write it.)

1. College Degree – I am in the process of taking my first class and I’m approx 2/3 the way through. As soon as the summer catalog comes out I’ll load up.

2. Learn Korean -This improved more than I thought It would. When I started I had approx 200 words in my vocab,understanding of sentence structure and basic verb conjugation. Basically, I could speak like a toddler. This month I learned all about the 6 levels of politeness (and improved my conjugation skills) , more vocab and I’m starting to be able hear in the dramas when the subs are wrong. I wish I had better stats than that, but maybe next time.
New App aquired: “ANKI”
New books purchased:Korean at a glance, 500 Korean verbs and “Dr Desoto” (in Korean).
The goal for next month will be to learn the 1000 most common Korean words, 1 chapter in each of my workbooks (TTMIK level 1 & Basic Korean) per week.

3. Travel – I got my map up on the wall and I stare at it. I have 2 international trips in the next couple months and 3 countries to visit. I’m already starting think about where to go this fall and spring ’14.

4.Open up – I make it my goal to talk to everyone I come across in the real and virtual world. I will be joining a language group next month and traveling.

To Everyone who has stopped by and read what I have written thank you!


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