Cookie Monster’s Munch

When I was a kid there was an Atari game that we owned called “Cookie Monster’s Munch”.  This was my personal favorite of all of our games, beating out Q-bert and pac- man. There were 3 modes of play:
1.You are cookie monster and you are traversing a little course to gather cookies, at the end the cookies are counted.
2. You are boy and you are trying to gather cookies before Cookie Monster, on the other side of split rail fence hops over and tries to eat the cookies. Again, At the end the cookies are counted.
3. (My favorite) You are Cookie Monster on the other side of the split rail fence looking for an opportunity to hop over and steal cookies from the boy. (I might have made this 3rd level of play up… and the third level of play might actually have been an invisible map that was hard as hell to play. So maybe my 4 year old brain blocked that out and made up this new version which I like more.)

I digress, I think of Cookie Monster Munch every time I’m up to something no good…. Like trying to get chocolate chips out of the pantry without sharing with my children or explaining myself to my husband.  I sneak down the stairs and open the pantry door. (All the while humming the theme song to the game in my head) Damnit! I can hear him coming, I pretend to be do something else (cleaning maybe) or high tail it out of there (It really depends on the situation).
Or I am cleaning  and I’d rather be watching dramas or surfing the net or really anything else.  Ack! I can hear someone coming, So I must quickly do 2 hours of cleaning in 45 seconds. Oh, only the dog. Okay back to TV watching.

Mind you I am about as sneaky as a 200 pound blue monster climbing over a split rail fence and waddling over to a cookie, and will normally get busted for this behavior.

I had another episode of “Cookie Monster Munch Syndrome”, but it was far worse.  When I was pregnant with my daughter I developed quiet a sweet tooth.  One day a fellow from the sales department offered me some pretzel M&M’s.  They were delicious.  After that I would spend hours thinking about these M&M’s and how I was going to get more.  The company that I worked at had quite a few cubes.  I would look down the corridor and if I could not see the owner of the M&Ms, I would get up and waddle my way down there.  If he suddenly returned or had just been in a position where I couldn’t see him, I would duck into another cube and chat with the person inhabiting it.  I was in management, I could always find an excuse to talked to somebody about something.  Even if it was under the guise of “Moral boosting” also known as idle chit chat.  M&M friend would eventually need to get copies and then I would continue on my quest to get more M&Ms.  Once at my destination, I would pick up a handful, scurry back to my desk (as fast as anyone can scurry with an extra 40 pounds on the front end) and then eat them at the comfort of my own desk.
By the way it was a 5 pound bag of M&Ms so it would take me quite a while to eat them all. . . but when I did, I bought him a new bag.


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