Day 3 – Waterfalls, Monkeys, Hellfirepass, No Monkeys and Buddha in a Cave.

It’s another hot day in Thailand. I really have a difficult time with heat. It is not that I’m sensitive to it, quite the opposite, once it’s over 90 degrees, I can not longer tell how hot it is.  If it goes to 95 or a 100 degrees, It’s still hot.   I put on sunscreen like it’s my job and go on. There is no point in complaining, it’s hot.
(This also applies to humidity.  I cannot tell  if there more or less here than any other place. If you say it is humid, I will just have to take your word for it.)

Today we  go to Erawan National Park. It is a national park in Thailand that has 7 waterfalls. As we start at the bottom the water is clear and there are little fish living in the ponds. Each subsequent pond is clearer than the last.   What I find surprising about this place is there are so many butterflies. Butterflies everywhere! It’s almost like a fairyland there are so many butterflies. Also, butterflies move really quickly so I wasn’t able to get any on film.  When we get to the 7th waterfall, there are monkeys living in the trees.  Silly to say, but WOW! real live monkeys!

I am now going to gloss over our event for the rest of the day. Why You ask? This was a big day with lots and lots of walking.  I remember being so tired when we got back that I was asleep by 8:30.  Early even by my standards. Even to think of this day I start to feel exhausted. soooo here is the remainder of the day. We went to Hellfire pass (This is a site associated with the atrocities that occurred in World War II related to construction of the Bridge at Kwai.)  This is a very sobering place… possibly another reason I don’t want to type about it.
Then to a site where there were supposed to be monkeys hanging out.. . .  but there were no monkeys. Only 2 ladies with a folding table. Which that’s fine, because I saw monkeys today.  (and monkeys make me a little nervous.  You never know when they might want to bite you or take your purse.)

Then off to a cave where a Buddha was hiding.  This was pretty amazing actually. We walked along a railroad track, which ran along the side of a mountain and then there  an opening to a cave where he was sitting.


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