Day 4 back to bangkok

We went back to Bangkok on a cheaper, less exciting ride, but once again our driver dropped us off no where near our location. These seems to happen quite a bit.  The point of going back was to go see MuayThai, however we did not end up doing it.  (probably my fault.)

SO Here are some random images of Food.  Which if I hadn’t already mentioned was delicious!

By the way there is an image below that says “Happy Lemon”.  My cousin got the #1, green tea with rock salted cheese. (sounds nasty.) The attendant handed it to him and said “you have five minutes to drink this before it goes bad.”  (ick.)  I took a sip, it was AMAZING.  Sweet then a little bit of salty. There is a reason why it’s the #1.
I had the #2 “Milk tea with pearl sago and puff cream.  This was delicious, it had about 3 different textures in it, filled with caffeine and pudding and deliciousness   These two drinks I will think about for the rest of my life.  They will be worth going back to Thailand just to have them again. 


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