The point of this blog is to encourage me to do stuff. . . to keep me accountable to myself and anyone following along.  Prepare yourself… it’s going to be a little random.

Here are the goals:
Get My College Degree
Learn Korean
Open up a little more to the outside world

Here are the fun facts about me:
I’ve written and rewritten this “About” page at least 4 times.  I’m an optimist and planner. Got a problem, lets make it better!  I had never read a blog before I started writing this one.  I really enjoy them.  It’s a lot like looking through a peephole in reverse.  I don’t care for pickles, but I love pickle relish.  I am the queen of concise. If you can say it in 30 words I can say it in 3.  It’s a gift and a curse.  I’ve often wondered what it would be like to swim in Jello. Could one drown?  I love happy endings, animes, Korean dramas, curry and toys.  There is music streaming constantly in my head.  I love it.

I’m funniest when I’m angry. So even when it’s bad, it’s good.  I told you I’m an optimist.
I’m on a journey. . . and my name is Sterling.


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