Korean Learning

I have been studying Korean since November of 2012.  There is not one book that will teach you everything.  There are lots of books that can each contribute a little bit. .Below are the resources I’ve been using.

Books (책)

Integrated Korean Beginner Book 1 and Workbook: What I like about this book is there are lots of practice exercises. Also there is Audio online to help with the listening aspect as well. (still my weakest point.) What I don’t like. . . there is no answer key. If you are studying alone and unsure of an answer, you just have to guess. No bueno.

Langenscheidt Pocket Dictionary: First Korean dictionary I purchased. It has the the old romanization in it. Around 40,000 entries, not bad for a first dictionary.

Korean for Beginners – Mastering Conversational Korean: A good little book with some great audio to help with pronunciation. However, it’s limited. If you learn best by listening and reading then this will help, but if like me you need to “do” then probably a book with a workbook will be a bigger help.

Basic Korean: A Grammar Workbook: On chapter 6. Good so far, lots of vocab words as I never seem to know what words to memorize.  I learn best by doing and the activities at the end of each chapter have been good for this.

Talk to Me in Korean Level 1: in the book I’m on chapter 20, on podcast I’m onto level 2. (Whoop Whoop!)These guys make Korean learning very accessible.  (if you have not checked them out yet and your learning Korean, look them up http://www.TTMIK.com)

Complete Guide to the TOPIK Basic – I have flipped through the pages when I first got it. I now know quite a bit of the vocabulary in it and this is my goal book!.  The goal is to take the TOPIK test in the spring or Fall of 2014 (depending on which one I can get into.

Roadmap to Korean by Richard Harris:  I’m at about chapter 8. This book talks a lot about the origins of the Korean language, common blocks foreigners trip over, as well as his personal accounts of learning the language. This is not a grammar book.

500 Basic Korean Verbs:  This one really requires a lot of self motivation.  It’s not a textbook or a workbook, it’s a dictionary. SO I must find a verb and create a sentence around it. I scarcely have the energy to do so.

Online Resources

http://www.TTMIK.com – Talk To Me In Korean – Free lessons and podcasts from beginner to advanced.

Daum.net – I just met this and I really enough it.  Beats the pants off my old paper dictionary

http://www.zkorean.com  just found this one I have had time to explore it but I wanted to paste here so I’d remember.

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